Google Photo Spheres

Photos are simple to take, and can instantly transfer a point of view from one viewer to another.  However, with Google’s photo spheres, I think the viewer is one less step removed from any particular experience.  Recently, I have been taking photo spheres in various places.  Here are some of my favorite ones.  Yoonjoo has cleverly hidden herself in some of these.

Anaheim, California

Disneyland is an exceptional place.  I love the design of main street.

Boston, Massachusetts 

The Boston Public Library is one of my favorite places in Boston, this is the courtyard.  Yoonjoo is a little more stealthily hidden in this one.

Union Street is a classic.


Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta was surprisingly awesome.  The city felt so new and alive.  Although there were definitely ghetto areas we happened to stumble into, the entire city glistened with cleanness.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland had an interesting aspect of it, almost as though it were a live museum.  The ambiance of the city was much like that of by gone era, fantastically portraying the industrial revolution.

Toronto, Canada

American universities have an incredible aura of knowledge.  However, I felt that other country’s best universities carry that same aura, with a different paradigm.  University of Toronto was an epic school.  Almost a mix between Europe’s and America’s best schools.

One of my more epic photo spheres of Niagara Falls.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of my favorite cities in America.  This is an obligatory photo sphere of the Cloud Gate and the skyline.

Here is a view of the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Bridge.


West Lafayette, Indiana

During my time at Purdue University, Pokemon Go came out.  This pedestrian bridge linking Lafayette and West Lafayette became a prime place for hundreds of people searching out Pokemon.

South Korea

This one of my favorite streets in Busan, South Korea.  It encapsulates the busyness of Asian streets, where commercial signs loom in every direction.

This is Pusan National University (PNU).  This school has possibly the best college town that I have ever been to.   It is also the location of where Yoonjoo and I met.

This is a pretty cool place, it’s called Oedo Botania and is privately owned.  The owners of the island created a beautiful garden, complete with imported plants, trees, and statues.